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The Sound of Midnight

Welcome to the first review of the Muse Review, where literacy is a journey.

Today I would like to introduce The Sound of Midnight, written by Charles L. Grant and published in 1978 by Popular Library, and republished in 1987 by TOR.

The Plot:

In the small town of Oxrun Dale Bartlett, owner of the local toyshop finds herself in the middle of a struggle for life and death after the drowning of a local boy who often frequented her shop.

After another death Dale begins to realize that there is something very much wrong in her little town, and teams up with Vic, a teacher from the local school, to find out the truth.

The Review:

This is your standard type of horror novel. Start with one small town, add creepy kids, plenty of death and a hero/heroine who somehow manages to put together pieces in a fashion that no normal person could dream of. The book isn't a bad read, and builds up a decent suspense. Unfortunately The Sound of Midnight loses points for touchy dialogs, very little character expansion, little research into facts and for an ending that seems somehow rushed.

All in all, worth a read, but not ready to be deemed a must have on my bookshelf.

The Grade: