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The Invasion

Published in 1996 by Scholastics Books this book by K.A. Applegate was the first in the Animorphs series which led to 54 books, 5 Megamorphs, 2 Choose-your-own adventure books and 3 separate chronicles for children.

The Plot:

Five ordinary children learn about an invasion that has been going on for many years unbeknownst to the majority of the human race. They stumble into the aftermath of a battle in which an alien prince gives them the power to become any animal they can touch.

The Review:

With a plot that matures and takes many twists, The Invasion is a great book to start your children off on reading. They'll fall in love with the characters and their struggle to save the planet from the dreaded Visser Three and his Yeerks.

Though, as stated before, the plot grows more mature in time, KA Applegate keeps this book for a general audience.

The Grade: