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Song for the Basilisk

ACE Fantasy published Patricia MacKillip's Song for the Basilisk in 1998. It is a fantasy book set in a world torn apart by various factions vying for ultimate control.

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The Invasion

Published in 1996 by Scholastics Books this book by K.A. Applegate was the first in the Animorphs series which led to 54 books, 5 Megamorphs, 2 Choose-your-own adventure books and 3 separate chronicles for children.

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Magic's Pawn

Written in 1989 and published by DAW Books, Magic's Pawn is the first in the Last-Herald Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and part of the bigger Velgarth series.

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The Key of Light

Nora Roberts is the acclaimed author of many heart racing romances and fantasies and is the author of my next pick: The Key of Light which is the first book in the Keys trilogy. Written in 2003 and published by Jove Fiction, The Key of Light is one of Robert's many newer books based around an Irish feel.

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The Sound of Midnight

Welcome to the first review of the Muse Review, where literacy is a journey.

Today I would like to introduce The Sound of Midnight, written by Charles L. Grant and published in 1978 by Popular Library, and republished in 1987 by TOR.

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