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The Key of Light

Nora Roberts is the acclaimed author of many heart racing romances and fantasies and is the author of my next pick: The Key of Light which is the first book in the Keys trilogy. Written in 2003 and published by Jove Fiction, The Key of Light is one of Robert's many newer books based around an Irish feel.

The Plot:
Three women of differing backgrounds dedicated to art are invited to a mysterious mansion on the hill overlooking their small town. There a task is bestowed upon them. One that if they complete could make them all rich. Their task? To find three keys to awaken three sleeping goddesses who have been placed under a curse that can only be lifted by human hearts, and the keys. But dark forces are moving to stop the three women as they draw closer and closer to solving this ancient mystery...will they make save the sleeping goddesses, or will darkness win over again?

The Review:
Action, adventure, intrigue, romance and some great one-liners makes sure that Nora Roberts delivers in every way. The characters are believable, the knowledge of Celtic myths superb and the ending one fitting to the story.

The only place where this book looses marks is in dialog. Sometimes a phrase seems out of place, but it is done in a way that speeds the plot along given the style of romances. Though I myself need to take romances in small doses, I found this to be an enjoyable and amusing read.

The Grade: