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Song for the Basilisk

ACE Fantasy published Patricia MacKillip's Song for the Basilisk in 1998. It is a fantasy book set in a world torn apart by various factions vying for ultimate control.

The Plot:

Rook's past is trapped in dreams of fire and ashes when he is taken in by the mysterious Bards of Luly. But as time goes on, a mysterious force from his past begins to threaten his present, and he must face the destiny he escaped in his parent's ashes.

The Review:

The plot, though a thing of intrigue doesn't make up for the oddly disjointed dream-like quality of this novel. Shifting from viewpoint to viewpoint and place and place the author brings out the feeling of a world on the brink of change in a fog of confusion and chaos.

Unfortunately this made the book very hard to follow or even understand at times, and the plot is lost in those mists of words and feelings. The book is like a poem written like a novel, but fails to leave a tangible feeling.

The Grade: